My first feedback to Dr.Web CureIt

I have uninstalled AVG antivirus in order to test other free antivirus to my pc. I found an AVG not much help me to secure my pc (this just my opinion). Right now i'm using a free Dr. Web CureIt where can be downloaded for free but it not be installed into pc. It is most likely an online scanner but we need first download it and after finish download, simply run it simple application. The following is their interface which is simple and it does not effect pc performance at all.

That's what im looking for. Whenever we needed the most up-to-date it's virus database before the scanning, we should re-download the Dr.Web CureIt file, That is good for me where we don't need to install it at all. My first scan, my Dr.web CureIt can detect Trojan.PWS.Banker.14538 and deleted it which i do not really know what was the Trojan doing on my pc. If you have any experience using Dr.Web CureIt, please come to give some comment to this post as i really hope that.

slow surfing experience

Using a broadband wireless usb device for internet surfing at my pc currently experiencing slow like a dial-up connection. There is no problem for the connection status shown which is currently connected using 3G and sometimes HSPDA. The signal also quite strengh. So i suspecting something wrong to my installed programs recently during the problem. I have determined that the firefox's add-ons programs and also ad-aware free program are among the most recent installed. After uninstalled those programs, and reboot the system, i got back my pc's performance when loading webpages.I started surfing around to find out how is the ad-aware program can slow up the system for surfing but not much were discovered.

Here is some finding where there is ad-aware program inside the similar problem (see here).

O23 - Service: Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service (aawservice) - Lavasoft - C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe

And also this link - "Slow start up & slow surf" which showing the similar problem where ad-aware also in the picture.

This is also another link to tell that there is something wrong with the ad-aware program.

If you can answers this, do comment this post to get us clear on this matter as this may "attacked" other surfers also.

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