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If you like infecting your computer with trojans, spyware, rootkits, and malware, look no further than AntiMalware2009. This program is another cutting edge addition to the rogue anti-spyware family of XP Protector 2009 and eantivirusPro!

In all seriousness, you need to remove this program immediately if you even came within proximity of it. This article will guide you through the process, showing you how you became infected with this parasitic program, what the tell-tale symptoms are, and how you can remove it and prevent further infections.

The most common way that this program will infiltrate your system is through a series of pop-ups and ads telling you that your computer is infected. If you make the mistake of clicking this button, it will take you to an anti-malware scanner that will give you a false positive. You will be inundated with scare tactics that require you to buy their program for just $49.95.

Through the use of a Trojan Zlob or other malicious methods, you might find that you unknowingly downloaded the program. This Trojan will come in through the back door undetected, and the attacker will be able to have remote control access to an infected computer.

In the meantime, it will hijack your Internet Explorer, making it impossible to access harmless sites. If you are lucky, this so-called anti-malware may have even taken over your homepage and loaded components and tool bars you don't recall downloading. You may find yourself constantly closing pop-up boxes. The whole time, this program will be running in the background, taking up space on your computer and slowing everything down. It will continually stop access to pages, stating that it has malware on it. In a way, this is true. Meanwhile, little does the user know the malware is AntiMalware2009.

The manual removal process is difficult, and you run the added risk of destroying your computer. To make matters worse, the program will continue to update for you, releasing further files that will infiltrate your computer. Many of these files will not be in plain sight during a manual removal process. Your best bet is to purchase a legitimate and trustworthy spyware program that knows what files to delete.

To effectively prevent further infections, you can follow these simple steps:

1.Make sure you update Windows Security. People commonly don't want to be bothered by these updates. Don't be one of these people.
2.Research a reputable antispyware program.
3.Update and scan your antispyware program daily. Keeping your definitions updated will make sure nothing slips under the radar.

If you think you are infected with AntiMalware2009, do not hesitate another moment to fix the problem. Waiting too long could eventually lead to having to clean out your whole hard drive. When you find a reputable company that can not only find but remove this program effectively, use it on a regular basis. After reading this article, you should be able to find the signs of infection and find reliable methods to prevent further infection.

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